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Slipware Puzzle Jug Online Sale

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This puzzle, in the shape of a jug, challenges the user to drink from it without spilling any of the contents. The solution comes with having to block off a series of holes with your fingers and, like a straw, drink through one of the attached spouts which is connected to a hollow handle. If all the right holes (some hidden) are not covered, the jug will not work.

These jugs begin as simple red clay jugs and are transformed with the addition of a free-hand design in light-colored slip, a liquid clay. Almost like decorating a cake, a small container filled with slip is used to decorate the plain jug. After glazing and firing the true beauty of the design is seen. Handmade by a member of our Interpretative Artisans Program in the Crafts Center here at Plimoth Patuxet, each jug is slightly different and may vary in design.

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