Webbox Beef Knuckle Bone Dog Treat Online


Webbox Beef Knuckle Bone Dog Treat Online

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Dogs are natural scavengers, so they love nothing more than chomping on a juicy, flavoursome bone. Our Beef Knuckle Bone will surely be a winner with your furry friend, leaving them satisfied for hours.

Our succulent Knuckle Bone is roasted not fried, so your pet will be getting the best nutrients and vitamins from the bone, without the added fat from frying. They’re wheat and gluten free too – meaning they’re perfect for dogs with allergies.
Bones have many natural benefits such as keeping teeth clean and aiding digestion by offering cleansing and scouring effects. Bones don’t only offer health benefits, but they can also benefit your pet’s psychological health by acting as a distraction from habits and behaviours such as self-licking and scratching.


Roasted Beef Bone.

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